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      7 positive thoughts on Covid-19

      positive thoughts

      The Corona virus has now reached the whole world. Countries and regions are affected to varying degrees, but almost no country has been spared, especially in the western world. How to deal with this pandemic? Panic in the face of rising infections and deaths? Look for culprits? Is there anything positive to be gained from this pandemic? There is. I have found 7 positive aspects on the subject - this goes out to all alarmists, doomsday preppers and pessimists!

      1. We are given a break for reflection.

      The virus is turning our lives upside down. It forces us to stop. We can’t proceed with business as usual. Maybe we have gone too far with our lifestyle and consumerism. Maybe we start rethinking our economic system. Do we really need something new all the time? Do we have to consume constantly, and faster and faster? Everything is available, cheaper and cheaper, produced all over the world, often in low-wage countries of the global south. We are hunting new adventures all the time. We are afraid of missing out. This virus now tells us: Stop. Give it a break. Practice reflection and renunciation. We at Fitico say: away from fast fashion and towards sustainable and high-quality clothing!

      2. Mother Earth gets a breather.

      Covid-19 achieves what all the climate conferences and Fridays for Future failed to. Flights are being cancelled, cross-border traffic is being suspended. Worldwide travel is coming to a standstill. Closed shops and restaurants lead to less consumption. This slows production down. All this leads to less CO2 emissions, as these NASA pictures impressively show.

      Mother Earth can recover a little bit from the devastating consequences of our consumption and global travel. And that ultimately benefits us all.

      3. Change

      Especially in times like these, it becomes clear that change is possible. That we can achieve great things if we pull together. If we help and stand together to stop the spread of the virus. Looking at it that way, it’s very encouraging to see what is possible! Change is possible if we all help together!

      4. Solidarity

      Many ask themselves: How can I protect myself, but also other people? Especially older people and people with pre-existing conditions? There are people who go shopping for their elderly or sick neighbours. Initiatives that come together to support especially the small entrepreneurs who suffer from the consequences of cancellations and closures. Fitico, as a small sportswear label, is also hit hard by the new measures. Our events have been cancelled, and that naturally means a considerable loss of sales for us. Some people are now thinking about how to help the little businesses by particularly supporting them.

      5. Compassion      

      Perhaps the Corona virus also leads to a greater understanding of others who are not as well off as we are? Compassion for people who do not have enough to eat, no health care, who even have to flee from violence and war? We are sad that we can no longer go to parties and concerts. We complain that the supermarket shelves have been bought empty, knowing very well that they will be well filled the next day. What must it feel like for all those who don't live as abundantly as we do? For whom empty shelves are no exception, but normality? Who struggle to survive from day to day?

      6. Mindfulness

      Perhaps the Corona virus will make us slow down in our personal environment as well. Make yourself comfortable at home, maybe read a book that you've had on your bedside table for a long time? Maybe write down thoughts, or paint a picture? Just taking a long walk and thinking about life? Maybe we find that less is often more. That it doesn't make us happier if we are constantly rushing from one appointment to the next. Mindfulness often begins in very small steps, and right now is an ideal time to start.

      7. Self Care

      You never washed your hands as thoroughly as you do these days, right? Maybe you take better care of your health, your immune system? Eat healthier, get out in the fresh air often? Covid-19 teaches us to be more conscious about ourselves and our health. Sport and exercise are essential elements of a good immune system. Yoga and fitness studios may be closed, but just as spring is coming, you can do sports in the fresh air again! Fitico sportswear is also perfect for running... 😉


      We hope to have given you some positive vibes with this article. Stay healthy and don't lose your smile!

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      Hello, dear World!
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