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      The full power of Yoga - without the Netflix effect

      The full power of Yoga - without the Netflix effect
      Stefanie from Yoga-y-cupcakes is a yoga teacher and has been a Fitico brand ambassador for over a year now. She shares our values and produces amazing yoga content in our sportswear for us. In a personal interview she shares how she got into yoga, what she likes about Fitico Sportswear and why her online yoga courses stand out.

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      It's here: sustainable sports fashion for men

      It's here: sustainable sports fashion for men

      We started 2022 with a big goal in mind: we wanted to add sustainable sports fashion for men to our range.

      And since September they are here: sustainable sports shorts in light grey and black as well as ethically produced t-shirts in mauve-red, army-green, dark blue and light grey.

      Highly functional, suitable for fitness, training, running and much more.


      Fair sports fashion from Fitico is now also available for men!

      People often asked: why is Fitico Sportswear not available for men? Yes, why not? Why not offer the great features and functionality that our eco-friendly women's sportswear offers, combined with sustainability and fair production, to men as well?

      To fund our venture and also to test the market, we launched a crowdfunding campaign in May 2022.

      The campaign was successful: we reached 117% of the funding goal and thus financed the men's collection. Our products were very well received: the Men's Complete Sets were ordered the most out of all the rewards offered! Other rewards, such as hotal vouchers or yoga sessions, were hardly booked at all.

      After the campaign we went into production and since September it is complete: our first collection for men, which includes not only eco-friendly but also highly functional sports t-shirts and shorts. We are very excited!

      Like all our activewear models for women, the t-shirts and shorts for men are made from recycled materials and produced in Portugal under fair working conditions.

      Lightweight & eco-friendly sport t-shirts for men

      Functionality is our top priority next to sustainability. That's why our new sustainable men's T-shirts are feather-light, breathable and very comfortable to wear. The high-quality material is recycled from factory surplus and waste. Seamless technology avoids waste in production and ensures maximum comfort by minimizing seams. The perforated pattern guarantees optimal ventilation.

      Our customer feedback proves us right: this is how high functionality combined with sustainability works!

      Sustainable shorts for men

      For the development of the men's shorts, we took a lot of time and tinkered with details. We even did a survey among our male sports buddies: what is important to you in shorts?

      The result are shorts for men with unparalleled freedom of movement without inner pants. An elastic drawstring waistband ensures that the shorts stay in place, no matter how complicated the exercise gets. There are two convenient zippered side pockets for cell phone, keys and other valuables. Made from recycled fishing nets, the shorts simply have it all: fit, stretch and comfort.

       New collection for men - Discover now!