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      Re-usable shipping bags

      Our environmental-friendly alternative.

      Fitico has developed a new zero waste shopping experience for you:
      our sustainable sportswear now comes in a sustainable packaging.

      We are the first company in Austria to introduce a reusable and returnable packaging as shipping option for you.

      Watch the video to see how it works!

      Choose the reusable bag as shipping option: we will then send your ordered products in special reusable packaging instead of cardbord boxes.

      Sustainable, green and environmental-friendly.

      Our aim is to replace disposable packaging with sustainable packaging, limiting the amount of waste and reducing emissions. For this, we have started a test phase starting in May 2021.

      How does it work?

      • In our online store, choose the styles you want to buy and put them in the shopping cart.
      • Once you've made your choice, go to checkout. Choose "Reusable bag" as shipping option.
      • The order will then be packed in a reusable packaging and delivered to you as usual.
      • When the reusable bag is delivered, take out your ordered items and try them on. 
      •  To return the bag, just put the return label in the outside pocket of the bag, fold the bag and drop it in the nearest post box.
      • The reusable packaging can also be used to return the items of your Fitico order. Just put the items to return in the bag. Bring the bag to your nearest post office and send it to our warehouse. 
      • Once the reusable bag is returned to us, we will refund the shipping fee you paid as a deposit back to you.

      Learn more about  Shipping & Returns

      Visit the shop for your zero waste online order!

      Conventional packaging is very often only used once which consumes a lot of ressources and creates huge amounts of waste.

      We have partnered up with R-Create to redefine packaging. Together, we have pioneered a process where no packaging waste occurs. This is unique: we are the first company in Austria who can offer our customers a zero waste online shopping experience.

      When choosing the reusable bag over the standard shipping, you help us pioneering an eco-friendly future.